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HPS approach - school community development approach

The purpose of Health Promoting Schools (HPS) is to improve equity, whānau wellbeing, and educational outcomes through evidence-informed practice.

“Kia hāpaitia, kia hikitia te rangatiratanga o ngā whānau, ka ora ai te iwi”

Mā te hāpai i ngā tikanga mātauranga e ora ai te whānau, e ōrite hoki te oranga me te mātauranga o te Iwi whānui

In New Zealand HPS facilitators (from a DHB near you) work with school leaders (i.e. principals, deputy principals, boards of trustees) to provide leadership for their whole school community enabling them to identify health and wellbeing priorities for their students, and create and implement an action plan to address these priorities.

As a school community-driven process, HPS does not prescribe the health and wellbeing issues the school is to address.

What does best practice look like

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