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Ministry of Education.

Health and wellbeing
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Health Promoting Schools (HPS)

Health Promoting Schools

September 2016 school leaders talk about HPS contribution to positive impacts in their schools

Edited videos of school leaders talking about HPS and the impact that has been achieved in their schools as a result of HPS support can be found here.

1.  Waiharara School

2.  Mahora School

  • Tamla Smith Mahora School interview
    Tamla Smith, deputy principal of Mahora School, talks about their journey with HPS to strengthen the school’s relationship with parents and the dramatic improvement in the students’ reading results.

3.  Otane School

Rachel Kingi Otane School interview
Otane School’s principal Rachel Kingi discusses how HPS, by focusing on the whole child, helped them to meet the many challenges the school was facing, and improved both student and whānau engagement.

Parent interview
Parent Kirsty Calhoun reflects on how HPS has helped her school community by linking health and education.

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