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Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis

31 July 2013

Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis

Book edited by Max Rashbrooke.  Published by Bridget Williams Books.

As the gap between rich and poor has widened dramatically across the developed world, New Zealand has experienced one of the most rapid increases in inequality of any country. This has become a source of concern to many New Zealanders, as evidence suggests that inequality harms us all, socially and economically. So dramatic has been this shift from a supposedly egalitarian society that the future has become difficult to grasp.  What are the options for – and barriers to – tackling the gap between rich and poor?  This book presents key facts about New Zealand’s rising inequality and makes a powerful case about its devastating impact. Expert contributors provide analyses across a range of topics, and show how markedly this ‘fair country’ has changed. Real-life stories tell us how inequality is affecting people at all levels of society.  Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis contributes to one of the most significant debates of our time.


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