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Ministry of Education.

Health and wellbeing
for learning

Health Promoting Schools (HPS)

Health Promoting Schools

NZCER health and wellbeing and inclusive practices surveys

NZCER wellbeing tools

NZCER have developed evidence-informed wellbeing and inclusive practices surveys for schools to use with their community. NZCER can also provide analysis and follow up for schools. They have provided us with these copies of the Wellbeing@School and Inclusive Practices surveys, as well as a test login for the Wellbeing@School website. Please note that this is a demonstration account only, and as such no data entered into it will be saved.

The login details are as follows:

Username: wellbeing150010
Password: DemoAcct150010

Please let Tanya McKenzie know if she can assist you or your schools further. Please contact her at wellbeing@nzcer.org.nz  

Community Survey
School Review Profile
Student Survey
Staff Survey
Student Survey - Intermediate and Secondary
Student Survey - Primary
Teacher Survey

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