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Ministry of Education.

Health and wellbeing
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Health Promoting Schools (HPS)

Health Promoting Schools

HPS 2016 health and wellbeing rubric backgrounder

The HPS health and wellbeing internal evaluation rubric is based on ERO’s six domains of practice described in their external evaluation indicators. It describes the progression of practice under each domain when ERO’s recommended internal evaluation process is used. The HPS health and wellbeing rubric explicitly aligns with ERO's recommended internal evaluation process.

The school community health and wellbeing rubric ratings can be gathered by HPS providers or entered by you, using the HPS health and wellbeing internal evaluation calculator here.

The HPS database and calculator provides graphs that track each school's progress across each domain over time and measures the effect size shift, so that schools can measure the level of significance of shifts in practice.

Rubric background 1

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