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Ministry of Education.

Health and wellbeing
for learning

Health Promoting Schools (HPS)

Health Promoting Schools

HPS theory for change

Theory for change
The logic for the HPS model
HPS school community logic model
Key Research

Effective leadership, teaching and learning practices are detailed in:

•   this report on Te Kotahitanga

•   the Ruia website

•   the Mutukaroa project. 

Health and wellbeing is vital for success and strongly linked to student learning as detailed in:

•   Guidance and Counselling in Schools: Survey findings (July 2013)

•   Improving Guidance and Counselling for Students in Secondary Schools (December 2013)

•   Wellbeing for Children’s Success at Primary School (February 2015)

 •  Wellbeing for Young People’s Success at Secondary School (February 2015)

•   Wellbeing for Success: Effective practice (March 2016)

•   Wellbeing for Success: A resource for schools (March 2016).

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