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Ministry of Education.

Health and wellbeing
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Health Promoting Schools (HPS)

Health Promoting Schools



Concepts and processes that underpin Health Promoting Schools (HPS) have evolved alongside international health promotion literature over the past 50 years.

New models, theories, guidelines, research, evaluations and exemplars of best practice are collated and shared internationally by a number of reputable organisations including the World Health Organization. This space contains a range of case studies and research, from both New Zealand and overseas, outlining effective HPS practice.

Summary pages from the literature review that informed the HPS national strategic framework can be found below:

Health Promoting Schools: Impact on Targeted Student Outcomes

Monocle's summary report of their evaluation of HPS, and the fuller analysis report are below:

Results of 2017 parents survey

International Research

Information on the two significant conferences that helped create the initial building blocks for Health Promoting Schools can be found on these links:

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